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And Now You're Back thumbnail
And Now You're Back eAudiobook
Jill Mansell / Charlotte Worthing Available 3rd October 2021

One magical winter's night in Venice Didi fell in love. But it ended - and he left without even sayi..

The Cotton Lass and Other Stories thumbnail
The Cotton Lass and Other Stories eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Lucy Brownhill Melle Stewart

This collection of stand-alone short stories is a treat for new readers and dedicated fans alike. In..

Things Are Looking Up thumbnail
Things Are Looking Up eAudiobook
Maxine Morrey / Gloria Sanders

What if what you really need is right there in front of you if you just take a moment to look up?Mil..

Marrying Simone thumbnail
Marrying Simone eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Karen Cass

In Australia Simone has been widowed for four years and is ready to make a more interesting life. He..

Finding Cassie thumbnail
Finding Cassie eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Karen Cass

When the teenage girl who's been hanging around near the house knocks on the door and tells her she'..

One Summer Sunrise thumbnail
One Summer Sunrise eAudiobook
Shari Low / Helen McAlpine

As the sun rises on a hot summer’s day four lives are about to be changed forever... Today Maisie ..

Every Man for Himself thumbnail
Every Man for Himself eAudiobook
Beryl Bainbridge / Kerry Shale

The Whitbread Novel of the Year read by the winner of the Sony Radio Award.A sophisticated look at t..

From Shetland With Love thumbnail
From Shetland With Love eAudiobook
Erin Green / Sally Armstrong Sarah Barron Cathleen McCarron

When Jemima loses her beloved grandfather keeping his allotment alive seems like an ideal way to fee..

The Bookshop of Second Chances thumbnail
The Bookshop of Second Chances eAudiobook
Jackie Fraser / Eilidh Beaton

Thea’s having a bad month. Not only has she been made redundant she’s also discovered her husban..

This Changes Everything thumbnail
This Changes Everything eAudiobook
Helen McGinn / Willow Nash

Should first love be left in the past or is first love forever love…Sisters Annie and Jess are use..

All You Need Is Love thumbnail
All You Need Is Love eAudiobook
Jessica Redland / Lucy Brownhill Gareth Bennett-Ryan

When you’ve loved and lost how do you find the strength to let love in again?Jemma thinks she’s ..

The Juggle thumbnail
The Juggle eAudiobook
Emma Murray / Caroline Lennon

‘You can have it all’ they said. ‘Happy children happy marriage great career - no problem’ t..

Saffron Lane thumbnail
Saffron Lane eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Penelope Freeman

Nell has come to feel very at home in her beautiful corner of Wiltshire with her partner Angus. What..

Bay Tree Cottage thumbnail
Bay Tree Cottage eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Penelope Freeman

The houses in Saffron Lane are being filled with artists thanks to the efforts of Nell and Angus. Gi..

Changing Lara thumbnail
Changing Lara eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Karen Cass

Lara Perryman has spent her whole life travelling for her busy corporate job so it's a relief when s..