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The Ringmaster The Ringmaster

DC Sam Shephard is stationed in Dunedin CIB a newbie at the bottom of the pecking order. When a young university student is found battered to death and floating in the Leith she is pushed to one side by her boss...

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Troubled Blood Troubled Blood

Discover the next thrilling instalment in the Cormoran Strike series.

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Betrayed Betrayed

After losing her mum in a tragic accident when she was young, Chrissy Moss had to find out the hard way how to survive on one of the East End's most notorious estates.

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The Innocent Girl The Innocent Girl

DCI Hanlon is going undercover. Oxford Philosophy lecturer Dr Gideon Fuller is in the frame, but Hanlon is not convinced.

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A Breath After Drowning thumbnail
A Breath After Drowning eAudiobook
Alice Blanchard / Katherine Fenton Available 30th June 2021

Child psychiatrist Kate Wolfe's world comes crashing down when one of her young patients commits sui..

The Ghost Road thumbnail
The Ghost Road eAudiobook
Pat Barker / Paul Mcgann

The third title in the Regeneration trilogy read by Paul McGann.1918 and Billy Prior is in France on..

Being Elizabeth thumbnail
Being Elizabeth eAudiobook
Barbara Taylor Bradford / Katherine Kellgren

The final novel in the bestselling Ravenscar series following the fortunes of the Deravenel familyEl..

Eleven Minutes thumbnail
Eleven Minutes eAudiobook
Paulo Coelho; Margaret Jull Costa / Derek Jacobi Emilia Fox

The new bestselling novel from international literary phenomenon Paulo Coelho author of The Alchemis..

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions thumbnail
Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions eAudiobook
Dan Ariely / Simon Jones

Why do smart people make irrational decisions every day? The answers will surprise you. Predictably ..

The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty thumbnail
The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty eAudiobook
Dan Ariely / Simon Jones

Fascinating and provocative Ariely’s The Truth About Dishonesty is an insightful and brilliantly r..

Every Man for Himself thumbnail
Every Man for Himself eAudiobook
Beryl Bainbridge / Kerry Shale

The Whitbread Novel of the Year read by the winner of the Sony Radio Award.A sophisticated look at t..

Trust Works: Four Keys to Building Lasting Relationships thumbnail
Trust Works: Four Keys to Building Lasting Relationships eAudiobook
Ken Blanchard; Cynthia Olmstead; Martha Lawrence / Dan Woren Cynthia Olmstead

Bestselling author Ken Blanchard brings you the tie-in guide to accompany his TrustWorks! training p..

Tai Chi: The Only Introduction You'll Ever Need thumbnail
Tai Chi: The Only Introduction You'll Ever Need eAudiobook
Paul Brecher / Paul Brecher

An audio adaptation of the bestselling Principles title. This 90-minute tape offers a simple and pra..

A Life Less Throwaway thumbnail
A Life Less Throwaway eAudiobook
Tara Button / Tara Button

Now more than ever we live in a society where we covet new and shiny things. Not only has consumptio..

Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager thumbnail
Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager eAudiobook
Ken Blanchard; Susan Fowler; Laurence Hawkins / Dan Woren

Twenty years after creating the phenomenal best-selling classic The One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard..

The Woman in the Lake thumbnail
The Woman in the Lake eAudiobook
Nicola Cornick / Malk Williams

For fans of Kate Morton and Tracy Rees comes a captivating novel about two women separated by centur..

Have You Seen Her? thumbnail
Have You Seen Her? eAudiobook
Karen Rose / Robert G. Slade

One by one the girls disappear from their beds at night. Each one is pretty with long dark hair. And..

The Hungry Empire thumbnail
The Hungry Empire eAudiobook
Lizzie Collingham / Jilly Bond

In 20 meals The Hungry Empire tells the story of how the British created a global network of trade i..

The Wanderer thumbnail
The Wanderer eAudiobook
Michael Ridpath / Seán Barrett

Iceland 2017: When a young Italian tourist is found brutally murdered at a sacred church in northern..