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The Girl From London thumbnail
The Girl From London eAudiobook
Olivia Spooner / Lucy Scott Julia Kellett Will Close

London 1940. Ruth a young schoolteacher volunteers as an escort helping to evacuate children from wa..

Kemp: Passage at Arms thumbnail
Kemp: Passage at Arms eAudiobook
Jonathan Lunn writing as Daniel Hall / Jack Michael Stacey

It is 1347 and the French after a crushing defeat at Crécy are licking their wounds while their kin..

The Low Road thumbnail
The Low Road eAudiobook
Katharine Quarmby / Claire Storey

Norfolk 1813. In the quiet Waveney Valley the body of Mary Tyrell is staked through the heart after ..

Alexander's Legacy: Forging Kingdoms thumbnail
Alexander's Legacy: Forging Kingdoms eAudiobook
Robert Fabbri / Peter Kenny

From the shattered empire five kingdoms are emerging. Seleukos triumphant in the capture of Babylon ..

Droits of the Crown thumbnail
Droits of the Crown eAudiobook
David Donachie / John Telfer

John Pearce faces a court martial but will a cowardly chief witness stand up to questioning? With th..

Rebellion thumbnail
Rebellion eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble

AD 60. Britannia is in turmoil. The rebel leader Boudica has tasted victory against a force of tough..

The Tuscan Orphan thumbnail
The Tuscan Orphan eAudiobook
Siobhan Daiko / Stephanie Cannon

1944 - When an air raid strikes the hospital she's been working in Carrie's life irrevocably changes..

The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon thumbnail
The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon eAudiobook
Sarah Steele / Ellie Heydon

Florence Connelly is broken hearted. Her marriage has collapsed and her beloved grandmother has just..

University Tales thumbnail
University Tales eAudiobook
Jack Sheffield / Jack Sheffield

York 1988. Dr Tom Frith is beginning his first term as a tutor at the University of Eboracum. After ..

Sisters at War thumbnail
Sisters at War eAudiobook
Jina Bacarr / Laurel Lefkow

Paris 1940: Two sisters separated by the Nazis. . . After a devastating attack Justine and Eve Beauf..

The Silence of Water thumbnail
The Silence of Water eAudiobook
Sharron Booth / Deryn Edwards

When Fan's mum Agnes announces that the family is moving to Western Australia to take care of Agnes'..

Melting Moments thumbnail
Melting Moments eAudiobook
Anna Goldsworthy / Olivia Beardsley

It is 1941. Eighteen-year-old Ruby leaves behind the family farm her serious mother and roguish fath..

Storm of War thumbnail
Storm of War eAudiobook
Peter Gibbons / Seán Barrett

The fight for a torn Kingdom rests in the hands of a few brave men…_x000D_990AD._x000D_King Aethel..

Brothers of the Sword thumbnail
Brothers of the Sword eAudiobook
Peter Gibbons / Seán Barrett

An epic battle where heroes fight and die to protect a Kingdom from Viking invasion. . . 991AD. King..

The Girl from Bologna thumbnail
The Girl from Bologna eAudiobook
Siobhan Daiko / Claire Morgan Claire Storey

1944. Bologna Italy and the streets are crawling with German soldiers. Nineteen-year-old Leila Ventu..