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Intermission thumbnail
Intermission eAudiobook
Graham Hurley / Julia Franklin

The world is struggling in the face of a relentless virus. When Hayden Prentice develops symptoms du..

Lights Down thumbnail
Lights Down eAudiobook
Graham Hurley / Julia Franklin

Actress Enora Andressen is facing the perfect storm. Her favourite French director Remy Despret has ..

What July Knew thumbnail
What July Knew eAudiobook
Emily Koch / Charlotte Worthing Mark Meadows

Summer 1995. On her tenth birthday July's teacher sets the class a project to find out about a relat..

The Ghost's Touch thumbnail
The Ghost's Touch eAudiobook
Fergus Hume / Gordon Griffin

I shall never forget the terrible Christmas I spent at Ringshaw Grange in the year ’93. When Dr La..

Life Ruins thumbnail
Life Ruins eAudiobook
Danuta Kot / Anna Bentinck

Kay recently widowed feels she has hit rock bottom. For years she and her husband fostered difficult..

Killing in Your Name thumbnail
Killing in Your Name eAudiobook
Gary Donnelly / Stephen Armstrong

A boy’s body is found in bogland along the Irish border: a case as cold as the earth that has hidd..

Burned thumbnail
Burned eAudiobook
Thomas Enger / John Sackville

A solitary tent is found to contain the body of a half-buried woman. She's been stoned to death. The..

The Missing Husband thumbnail
The Missing Husband eAudiobook
Alex Coombs / Helen Keeley

A security officer is assassinated. A small child grieves for his father. A psychopath commits their..

Someone Who Isn't Me thumbnail
Someone Who Isn't Me eAudiobook
Danuta Kot / Janine Birkett

When the body of a twenty-four-year-old man is found on Sunk Island two facts immediately stand out...

Sleeping in the Ground thumbnail
Sleeping in the Ground eAudiobook
Peter Robinson / Mark Meadows

A shocking mass murder occurs at a wedding in a small Dales church and a huge manhunt follows. Event..

Cry Baby thumbnail
Cry Baby eAudiobook
Mark Billingham / Mark Billingham David Morrissey Robert Glenister Available 1st April 2023

It's 1996. Detective Sergeant Tom Thorne is a haunted man. Haunted by the moment he ignored his inst..

Conviction thumbnail
Conviction eAudiobook
Denise Mina / Cathleen McCarron

It’s just a normal morning for Anna McDonald until she opens the front door to her best friend Est..

The Baby Snatcher thumbnail
The Baby Snatcher eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Simon Mattacks

When 15-year-old Marilyn Howe turns up alone and frightened on Inspector Ramsay's doorstep he has li..

Over My Dead Body (William Warwick Novels) thumbnail
Over My Dead Body (William Warwick Novels) eAudiobook
Jeffrey Archer / George Blagden

An unputdownable story of murder revenge and betrayal from international number one bestseller Jeffr..

Searching for Sylvia thumbnail
Searching for Sylvia eAudiobook
Joanna Stephen-Ward / Oliver de Rohan

1864: Suddenly left as the head of the family Kitty McKenzie must find her inner strength to keep he..